5 Horror Movies Involving Gambling & Casinos

Horror movies are not something we associate with casinos, but since gambling is such a big part of human existence, it’s natural that it found its way into this movie genre. And it’s not hard to incorporate gambling into horror movies—they are both filled with action, anticipation and often even fear. While gambling in real life is much safer than gambling in horror flicks, here are a few movies that will provide you with terror and some good old gambling fun.

Resident Evil: Extinction (2007)

The Resident Evil horror games date back to 1996, but the first movie adaptation came to us in 2002. Extinction is the third movie in the franchise, starring Mila Jovovich and telling a story of Las Vegas that’s been run down by murdering zombies. The rescue team lead by Jovovich is looking for survivors of the zombie apocalypse. Since the movie is set in Vegas, casinos and gambling are all around the scenario and gambling scenes were all approved by gambling experts.

The Leprechaun (1995)

Leprechaun is a horror movie series that started in the 1990s and contains a total of eight films so far. The first six movies in the series focus on Warwick Davis, a killer leprechaun on a mission to find his pot of gold in the States. The third movie is set in Vegas, so naturally, casinos are involved and represent a major theme in the movie.

The plot is interesting and simple—a pawnshop owner got a leprechaun state with a gold coin around its neck. The necklace should not be removed, but the shop owner does it, and all hell breaks loose. The statue comes alive, murdering everyone between it and its gold. In the city, the leprechaun plays a good game of craps.

Remains (2011)

In 2011, horror movie lovers were blessed by Remains. This post-apocalyptic zombie world movie takes place in the States and involves a group of casino workers in Reno Casino. The surviving employees managed to fortify their casino and prevent zombies from getting inside. The movie is not super frightening, but since the employees spend their time playing cards, it will get you inspired to gamble too. In case that happens, hop over to casino-bros.com/au/ and try to recreate the games they played in the moves. The thrill of the games, fueled by the horror in the movie, will provide you with a lot of adrenaline.

13 Tzameti (2005)

This French-Georgian horror movie explores the excitement and dangers of Russian roulette, a deadly game of chance. The protagonist of the movie, Sebastien, is a poor construction worker in France who gets himself in a lot of trouble that threatens his life. He receives an envelope with a dangerous job deal that can change his life. Since he’s desperate for money, he goes to the location from the envelope and finds himself in a deadly gambling tournament. The gambling aspect comes from the game’s rules and spectators place bets on players who manage to survive each round. The number of bullets increases every round, adding to the danger.

Spirits of the Dead (1969)

Spirits of the Dead is a classic horror movie series that depicts the tales from Edgar Allen Poe, the master of horror and suspense. The anthology stars huge names of classic cinema like Alain Delon, Bridgette Bardot, Jane Fonda and Terence Stamp. The second story in the movie focuses on an Austrian officer stationed in Italy in the 1800s. The gambling aspect comes from the scenes where Alain Delon and Bridgette Bardot get involve in a high stakes gambling session.

While there are not many horror movies that focus on gambling and casinos, these titles above depict this activity in an exciting and masterful way. They will scare you and definitely make you want to try your luck at your local casino.

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