5 Essential Equipment that Horror Movie Protagonists Should Have


If you have been a fan of the horror movie genre for decades now, you would most likely have watched countless movies. Some of these movies would be run of the mill productions, while some are cult classics and some are all-time greats.

However, you may have noticed one similarity in all these movies. The movie protagonists were severely underprepared for the monsters that hunted them. Some protagonists were understandably underprepared because they were thrown unawares into these horror scenarios. It is however perplexing that some of the protagonists went into obviously dangerous situations without the right equipment.  This is a list of equipment that every horror movie protagonist should have. 


  • Holy water


Holy Water is sanctified water, and they are a part or should be a part of any vampire hunters’ arsenal. Vampires hate holy water because they are unholy creatures of the night. They are corpses possessed by demonic souls, and anything holy is anathema to them. 

In some Vampire movies, characters such as Van Helsing were very well-prepared. In the 2003 Horror-Adventure movie, Van Helsing used vials of holy water to incapacitate Dracula’s brides and finished them off with crossbow bolts.

Confoundingly, not all horror movie protagonists pack up holy water. Even though they knew how dangerous their adversary would be. If you are going to fight against the legions of the undead, it always pays to have a small vial of holy water with you. 


  • Mirror


If you’ve ever seen the Conjuring movie series, you would know how important mirrors are. They are one of the only means to spot a demon’s true form. In the Conjuring universe, demons can hide their demonic features. However, a mirror can easily dispel this illusion.

 There have been many instances in the Conjuring series, where the demon was hiding in plain sight, only to be discovered through mirrors.  One perfect example is in the Conjuring spinoff, Annabelle: Creation, where Esther Mullins, a grieving mother who lost her child, unknowingly summoned a demon in her place. At first, she was happy to have the spirit of her child haunting their home again. This happiness soon turns to fear and despair when she sees the spirit through a mirror. She discovers that the spirit is not her child, but a demon instead. Overall, if a movie protagonist is going to face a demon, he or she should always have a mirror at the ready. 


  • Flare


Light is always an important survival tool for horror movie protagonists. A horror movie monster usually uses the cover of dark to creep up on its victim. However, if the movie protagonist has a flare at the ready, he or she will be a lot more prepared to fight off the monster.


  • A Good Watch


If there’s a similarity in some horror movies, is that time is always of the essence. This is especially true if the horror monster comes out at a specific time or has a time limit. For example, vampires are known to come out at night, and you are traveling through a dark forest infested with them.

If you had a trustworthy watch, you would know exactly how much time you will have till nightfall, and you will be able to make plans accordingly. So if you were ever to become a horror movie protagonist, you would have to make sure to have your watch checked and upgraded. You should also check online for watch circuits for sale, and make sure that your watch is in the best shape possible. If your life depends on your watch, you should make sure that it is in perfect shape.


  • Real Weapons


If you are going to fight against an overwhelming and demonic enemy, you should make it your first priority to bring a real weapon. A gun would really even out the playing field against almost any monster.

Take, for example, The Losers Club in the 2018 remake of IT.  The group went into Pennywise’s lair, without the right equipment. They knew they were going in to fight a demonic shape-shifting clown. They were going into its lair, and the only thing that they brought with them was a metal pipe and a nail gun. 

They are going to battle a millennia-old demon creature that can shapeshift, and they bring a metal pipe and a nail gun. The nail gun is a nice touch, but a metal pipe? It will take a lot of time and strength to kill anything with that. Much less Pennywise the Clown. If the losers club just had a gun with them during their fight with Pennywise, they would have shredded that evil clown with gunfire. 

The same goes for the IT sequel. The loser’s club has grown up now. Pennywise has come back, and he is stronger than ever. If they are ever going to beat him, they will need to be braver and better equipped than they were last time. Confusingly, the only equipment they brought with them was a clay pot.

Granted the clay pot was necessary for the ritual of Chud. However, doesn’t the ritual of Chud require you to incapacitate IT for a few seconds? So why not bring real weapons? Knives, Machetes. Firearms, anything that can harm IT. 

Weapons can also make you feel more assured during the fight, which would have counteracted ITs fear-mongering powers.


Horror movie protagonists are meant to be put at a disadvantage. This is what makes horror movies so compelling.