5 Eerie, Abandoned LA Destinations for an Urban Exploration Date

The approaching end of lockdown restrictions in many parts of the world might be prompting folks to ask themselves a few questions. Do I have to go back to wearing clothes to work? How much should I still be socially distancing? And how do I get back on track with dating? If you live in Los Angles, you’ll no doubt be aware that LA is one of the most popular tourist and entertainment locations in the entire US. There is no shortage of places to go, cafes to dine and unique experiences to be found.

But many of us remain worried about the risks associated with being in large crowds, and perhaps aren’t ready to jump back into the busy environments found in traditional date locations like restaurants, theaters, bars or nightclubs. We may have the perfect solution to an intimate, exciting date for those concerned about avoiding the crowds. If you are dating in Los Angeles, you might want to consider urban exploration as an alternative date idea.

First up, for those unfamiliar – what is urban exploration? Also known as ‘Urbex’, urban exploration is venturing into abandoned structures to explore or document modern ruins. Popular locations include former hospitals and asylums, empty abandoned theme parks, lost cinemas, and eerie vacant houses. Many urban explorers find the experiences thrilling, poignant, and interesting; which could make it a perfect experience for a date! Seasoned explorers advise respect for the places they venture into, resolving not to touch, disturb or damage the structures and locations. Many will take video footage and photographs of the experience and share these online.

Once you have a date lined up, perhaps with the help of Los Angeles Personals, you can begin thinking of urbex locations. So, where exactly should you and your date head for that spooky evening of urban exploration? In LA, there are quite a few notable sites to grab your interest.

First up is the Former LA Zoo, located in Griffith Park. The zoo’s structures were left mostly intact when it was relocated to a more modern facility, and it now forms park of a picnic and hiking trail. It’s unique landscape has made it popular for exploration, as well as a backdrop in several film productions. The large animal exhibits are the most striking feature due to their unique design, and are the best preserved part of the zoo. They make for a hauntingly beautiful background to a meal enjoyed on the benches – something to consider for your date night.

Next up is a favourite of the urban explorer – eerie abandoned Dead Malls. As large malls fall out of favour in the era of online shopping, many of these enormous structures have simply been left to rot. This makes for a fascinating time capsule of American pop culture, with the stores, advertising and architecture preserving trends of the 80s and 90s.

LA’s Hawthorne Plaza Mall is one great example. While a tiny part of the original mall remains open, the largest part of the building is rotting away. This spot has a definite post apocalyptic vibe, so if you and your partner like nothing better than planning for the zombie apocalypse then this could be a perfect location for your next date.

The final urbex site we’ll mention is The Cobb Estate. Built by Charles Cobb in 1918, the woods surrounding the estate were rumoured to be haunted even before it was built. Cobb lived the rest of his life in the estate, which was passed through several hands following his death. In the 1950s, locals began reporting odd noises and flickering lights in the property at night. As the property fell further into disrepair, the stories of it’s supposed ghostly inhabitants spread.

Perhaps the former estate is a perfect spot for some romantic ghost hunting?

As many of us are considering life after lockdown, it’s important to also consider how to restart dating post-Covid. If avoiding large crowds is a priority for you, urban exploration could be a unique solution and offer an intimate, memorable date. LA is a prime location for many things, and interesting historic and spooky spots is one of them.