5 College Horror Movies Even Scarier Than Midterms

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There’s something special about scary movies and students. A group of stuck-up teens receiving a death letter, a mysterious slayer in a blood-curdling costume stabbing students one by one, or, of course, Elijah Wood as a modest photographer trying to rescue the campus from an alien invasion – aren’t these movies the best picks to wallow in nostalgia and spice up your life? The remarkable value of these films owes to their fascinating plots and the creepy stories underlying them. College-inspired horror films account for the tremendous share of the popularity of this hip movie genre, spicing it up with young vibes and outstanding action ambiance.

As daunting as your worst nightmares, college horrors can turn your everyday monotony upside down, inviting you to experience the mind-numbing universe of your most petrifying fears. And since we are raving about teen spirit slasher films, it would be the scariest sin not no mention the most bone-chilling teen horrors that can keep you up at night longer than your upcoming midterms. The latter, however, can be sidestepped if you buy essays from EssayShark or rewrite them from Wikipedia, while what you’ll see in these handpicked movies will broaden your notion of fear.

  1. “Scream” – 1996

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Developed by the horror genre mastermind who gave us the legendary “A Nightmare on Elm Street,” this classic slaughter-fueled film was once the epitome of the college horror subgenre and a real cinematography “crush” for US teens. Adopting a cliched horror plot that centers around an insane maniac making a series of savage murders, this spooky movie is definitely not another piece of thrash filming – this finely crafted icon of late-90s teen horror takes your breath away with its captivating bustle and, strangely enough, that peculiar cozy atmosphere at the end of the 20th century.

  1. “I Know What You Did Last Summer” – 1999

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As another popular horror film involving vibrant and fearless teenagers, this survival flick gives its action-hungry viewers an unequaled experience in savoring the newly crafted conventions of the teen horror genre. Here you have atrocious murders, an archetypal company of friends featuring an ill-mannered egomaniac and a likable female protagonist, and, of course, a dynamic flow of terrorizing events. And the movie’s charm lies not only in the captivating plot – this college horror breakthrough also showcases the lovely and aspiring faces of the two teenage idols of the 90s epoch: the adorable Freddie Prince Jr. and Jennifer Love Hewitt.

  1. “Final Destination” – 2001

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If we put aside vengeful psychopaths displaying vile grins as they do away with their victims, we’ll discover that there can be other ferocious and malevolent forces threatening your life, only now from the beyond. This is what the next horror movie on our list deals with quite beautifully. Featuring the concepts of fate and the inevitability of death, “Final Destination” manages to masterfully blend a gory sequence of events and the intangible, eerie force of nature that drives it. According to most critic reviews, it’s the latter that makes this movie so haunting and close to real life.


  1. “Unfriended” – 2014

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Deliberately ignoring the conventional canons of making a film, the forward-looking creators of this teen horror flick shattered the stereotypes of how a thrilling movie should be made. In “Unfriended,” you won’t see anything happening beyond the computer screen that displays the horrified faces of the characters and their emotional conversations. Yes, paradoxically enough, this film pushes the boundaries of traditional filmmaking without depriving viewers of the “black mirror” that reflects our obsessive online habits.

Aside from its state-of-the-art format, this idiosyncratic film lures the viewer with a terrifying story that focuses on the appalling mistreatment of one of the characters. Through this plot device, the film raises awareness of uncompromised teenage violence at the backdrop of the unrestrained and misleading freedom the IT era gives us.

  1. “Carrie” – 2013

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Based on the epic novel of the no-less epic “King” of horror (yes, get our hint with the capitalized word), this gore-laden film is famous not only for its attracting plot and renowned author but is widely recognized for the social message it delivers. Building from the theme of bullying and its dangers, this social drama skillfully crafts the elements of horror by exposing a sinister calamity propelled by Carrie – the ruthlessly harassed protagonist. This hair-raising story of how an innocent girl with supernatural powers mercilessly took revenge on her offenders serves as an insightful parable touching upon one of the most critical issues in today’s school systems.

Drawing the Line

A cup of excruciatingly strong coffee, a jaded MacBook displaying a PDF version of an all-encompassing reference book, and yes, a sleepless night with a horror movie – if that doesn’t sound like the ultimate plan for staying up before your finals, then there’s probably no such thing that would.

Pay a warm and loving visit to your blissful childhood by taking another look at how the mild-mannered but heroic Sidney Preskott glares anticipatingly at the plastic face of death. Or, pamper yourself with the latest tendencies of teen horror moviemaking and check out how, within the virtual projection of reality, the ghost of a humiliated schoolgirl pays back her peers the terror and suffering they put her through. No matter which film from this hit parade you choose for your spell-binding “horror trip,” we are sure that it will make your night, taking your thrill-addicted mind down the abandoned hallways of a quintessential US high school, and let you discover the genuine art of bringing the unknown to the silver screen.