This Guy 3D Rendered Courage the Cowardly Dog’s Farmhouse

Courage the Cowardly Dog has something of a cult following among horror fans. The darker themes than most other cartoons of the time, the morbid sense of humour, the nods to classic horror all made the 90s cartoon stand out from the crowd.

Who remembers the spooky old farmhouse?


Animation student Naveen Sabesan set himself the challenge of re-creating the farmhouse as a 3D image. He enjoys working with different types of light, and opted for a glowing nighttime feel for the image.


Naveen explains: “For the lighting, I had my inspirations from one of my favourite cartoons as a child, “Courage the Cowardly Dog” which had a lonely farmhouse set in an eerie environment. So I wanted to do a “night lighting” for this set and I came up with this result.”


“I used one directional light for the key light, nine directional lights for the fill light, another nine directional lights for the bounce light, four point lights for each of the windows in the set, one area light and a point light for the light coming from the bottom-left room and finally one area light to light the porch. So a total of 26 lights with varying intensities, all having ray-trace shadows with a setting to produce soft shadow.” 

Check out more of Naveen’s work on his website.

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