Check out this 3D Printed Lovecraft Guitar

Everyone is still a bit new to the idea of 3D printing, and it’s probably going to take a bit longer to get an idea of exactly what the technology is fully capable of. But this fantastic project by designer Francesco Orrù does give some indication of the awesome things 3D printing can produce. Orrù created this guitar inspired by the stories of H.P Lovecraft – particularly his Godfish and Necronomicon characters – using 3D printing technology.

The artist used ZBrush, clocking in over 5000 minutes, to design the guitar. It also took over 80 hours just to print each part of the design. There are eight separate printed parts to the piece, six for the body, one volume cover and one for the humbuckers area in the centre of the instrument. Francesco designed scorpion pincers for the bottom part of the guitar, and he sculpted other figures which were also inspired by the Lovecraft Godfish story and the Necronomicon art cover. The only parts of the instrument which were not created with 3D printing are the pickups, the neck, the bridge, a set of strings, volume and tone pots, volume and tone knobs, and the neck plate.

Check out the images below, and a demonstration video of the Lovecraft guitar being played.






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