3D Artist Creates Daily Animations of Creepy Tentacles

Czech-born Ondrej Zunka is recognised for his ‘it-looks-real-but-it-can’t-be‘ 3D animations. Self-taught, Zunka began experimenting with digital art out of disillusion with the Master of Economy and System Engineering degree he graduated with. We’re big fans of Zunka’s daily animations, which often feature creepy tentacle monsters and bizarre creatures.

Determined to continue exploring the art of abstract photorealistic animation with a neverending ambition of mastery, Zunka is driven by the same curiosity and desire to learn that helped launch his career. Interested in the notion of reality and the foreshadowed consequences of artificial intelligence, Zunka presents a playful yet subtly sinister feeling in his works. Fans of Lovecraft and Cthulhu – you need to check these out! 

An underlying wish for people to approach the possibilities of the future with a little skepticism and a willingness to question “truths” they believe in also inspire his work.

He explains the process of creating these tentacle pieces: “I’ve learned a couple new techniques during the last couple of months that I’ve been able to reapply in these personal projects. Working with Cinema 4D, Octane renderer, Zbrush, 3D coat, Substance painter, Marvelous designer and World Machine made a perfect set of tools that allowed me to tackle different types of mainly procedural animations as well as having a solid pipeline for modeling, UV unwrapping, texturing, lighting and rendering. All animations come in a square format of 1080×1080 resolution and are mostly rendered overnight with two and later three GTX 1080Ti Graphic cards.”

Check out some of these awesome animations below, and find out more about the artist on Instagram and at his official website. Who else wants to see him animate a Cthulhu film!?