Daily Dose of Dread: Exclusive Mini-Series ’31’ Coming This October


Who said Halloween should be celebrated in just one night? Popcorn Horror has teamed up LC Cruell to bring horror fans a super short scare every day in October. The groundbreaking thirty one 31-second-long episode web series, will offer a small dose of fear with it’s daily cliffhangers coming to a conclusion on Halloween night.

“Never before has a story been told in such a way. It has the complete story arc of a short film with the structure of television, told cliffhanger by cliffhanger in an homage to classic radio serials, yet all within the attention span of the Internet and mobile devices. It’s the best of all worlds.” says writer-director L.C. Cruell.


Appropriately titled ’31’, it is a series that reveals itself in 31 mind-blowing 31-second webisodes in 31 days. It has been called both the First Daily Internet Horror Serial and the invention of the micro-series. Even more impressive is that it was completed on a budget of less than $400 – though it’s production value has been estimated to be significantly higher.

Popcorn Horror is thrilled to be working with Cruell and sharing this awesome series exclusively with horror fans around the world. We’ll be sharing each episode to our Facebook and Twitter, encouraging our followers to discuss and interact with 31 throughout the month.


31 continues Cruell’s ascent to the pantheon of successful writer-directors. A winner of a Shriekfest award among many others, finding a crew for her next venture behind the director’s chair was easy.

“The mystery of the script drew me in during the first 10 pages. I had to jump on board,” reveals actor Ben Bryant. Within 30 minutes of reading the script he was on board with the project.

31 focuses on the experience of “31” a character played by actress Becky Biggs who awakes with no memory of who she is and no idea where she has found herself. Alongside her is “30” – Bryant’s character, and “White Coat” – one of many white-coated mysterious figures.

There’s still a couple of days to wait until the first episode launches on Saturday, but in the meantime check out the 31 second trailer for the series below.

Find out more about 31 on Facebook and Twitter. Find out more about Cruell at www.CruellWorld.com

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