31 Ideas To Get You In The Halloween Spirit

October 1st is upon us. Many of us will have familiar traditions for the seasons – like visiting a pumpkin patch, carving Jack-O-Lanterns and buying sweet treats by the bucket. But if you’re looking for some alternative suggestions, check out our list of 31 Ideas To Get You In The Halloween Spirit – one for each day in October for all the true Halloween enthusiasts out there!

Tell us in the comments some of your favourite, or unusual October traditions.


1. Make a Halloween wreath.


2. Challenge yourself to make these gory sugarglass cupcakes. Check out the recipe here.


3. Get inspired by the fascinating documentary The American Scream. It profiles some of America’s most dedicated  home haunters as they prepare for their favourite night of the year.


4. Get your monster fix! Frankensteinia is a long running blog that tracks all the adaptations of Frankenstein – in film, theatre, art, music, advertising and more.


5.  Have fun with the kids (or be a kid again) and make these disgusting jelly worms.


6. Keep up with the 10th year of Monster Madness on Cinemassacre. It’s hard to believe that the folks behind the Angry Video Game Nerd have been broadcasting this series for 10 years!


7. Get lost in a Wikihole and learn everything you’ve never needed to know about Michael Myers with the Halloween series Wiki.


8. Take part in Drawlloween. The annual drawing challenge is intended for artists of all skill levels to practice their skills and create some creepy pieces.


9. Check out 31. It’s a webseries created by LC Cruell that will be broadcast throughout October on Popcorn Horror. 31 days, 31 episodes, 31 seconds each – great for short attention spans.


10. Watch the horror movie of your choice while sipping a terrifying cocktail.


11. Try something different and decorate a pumpkin without carving.


12. Download, print and assemble this incredible Myers house paper model from Haunted Dimensions.


13. Read a classic horror novel. Many of the most famous are now in the public domain, and are free to download from Amazon; including DraculaFrankenstein, and the works of Poe.


14. Watch a horror film that’s not in English. Many excellent horror’s are written off simply because viewers need to read the subtitles. Try some Spanish, Japanese or French horror – or do yourself a favour and introduce yourself t Brazilian  slasher Coffin Joe


15. Watch some adorable bats get wrapped up like burritos.


16. Watch mockumentary Michael Myers: Absolute Evil. It’s a fan film presented as a documentary in a world where the crimes of Michael Myers in Haddonfield actually occurred.


17. Turn your unwanted tacky Christmas decorations into characters straight out of a Tim Burton film.


18. Feel like Dr. Frankenstein and try out a Halloween themed science experiment.


19. Visit your local cemetery. It might not be the one used to film Hocus Pocus, but it’s a quiet place to read some spooky tales.


20. Listen to a horror podcast. We’d highly recommend The Podcast Under the Stairs

Los Angeles, Ca. – Halloween candy corn for an illustration about the anatomy of a sugar rush.

21. Read all about the history of Candy Corn.


22. Treat yourself to a horror themed adult colouring book, like The Bizarre Coloring Book For Adults.


23. Use FindAHaunt to search for horror events near you.


24. Learn a vintage Halloween party game.


25. Mastered the Rubix Cube? Try a Hellraiser puzzle box.

26. Set the tone with this Halloween playlist.


27. Horrify your friends with this Twisty the Clown makeup.


28. Serve lunch inside a skeleton.


29. Learn about Halloween traditions from around the world.


30. Get lost in the world of artist Bryan Baugh’s Allhallowtide


31. Watch an indie short horror film. We have over 250 to chose from – werewolves, body horror, sci-fi, slasher and more.