31 Genuinely Scary Pumpkin Carvings

Forget the old triangle eyes and smiling mouth – here’s some pumpkin designs for those who really want to up the scares this Halloween! Toothy monsters and gory scenes are the focus of these impressive Jack-O-Lanterns.

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by MB Creative Studio site

by Jon Neill

by Dick Oatts

by mcgalio

by Andy Bergholtz

by highborntalon

by Villafane Studio

by volcanic-glass

by bockus

by kissel71

by silverfishcreative.com

by Rinyak Chris

by TrevorGrove

by kenklinker

by La-Boe

by ericfreitas

by AlfredParedes

by Villafane Studio

by skulladay.blogspot.com

by skulladay.blogspot.com

by Jon Neill

by Villafane Studio


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