3 Days Left to Fund RESONANCE


We’ve seen an uptick in Dutch horror films in recent years – SINT, FRANKENSTEIN’S ARMY and the HUMAN CENTIPEDE trilogy come to mind – but genre films produced in the Netherlands are still a relative rarity.  A young writer-director named Siar Sedig wants to add another title to the country’s eerie filmography with RESONANCE, an indie sci-fi horror feature about a young couple who encounter sinister forces in the woods.

Here’s a plot synopsis from the filmmaker: “The story is about a young couple, Max and Elena, who go on a little field trip together, and stumble upon strange noises resonating from deep within the woods. These resonating sounds have, besides negative psychological effects, also severe physical effects on both and when Elena starts bleeding internally, she is in desperate need of a doctor. With the noise blocking all electronic signals Max realizes there’s no way out but to go straight through the woods in search for help, but something doesn’t want them to leave…”


Sedig, a recent graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts & Design (AKV) St. Joost, and co-producer Roos Jeroense have largely funded the project out of their own pockets, but they need an additional €8000 to see them through the final phases of production. They’re hoping crowdfunding through CineCrowd will put them over the top, but they’ve only got three more days to hit their goal. If you’d like to learn more about the project and maybe help out, visit the campaign homepage or the production company’s official Facebook page.

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