The 3 Best Horror Educational Films

There’s a lot of debate on the place of horror movies in modern society. These films are scary and they feature a lot of violence and other ghastly themes. However, in the mid of all the bizarre happenings and scary stuff, there are educational lessons students can learn. Indeed, these works of art cover some taboo subjects and in so doing, they help the viewer understand crucial facts about life. With so many horror movies today, you can find a lot of material to fill several dissertation chapters if you decide to tackle this subject.

While some of the things you see in horror films might never happen, there are crucial life lessons you can learn from them. This article highlights some of the best horror educational films which can benefit students. Read on.

  1. Friday the 13th

This is one of the most popular horror movies of all times and for a good reason. It involves teenagers and their teachers and the setting makes it suitable for students to watch. In the film, young Jason Voorhees drowns at Camp Crystal Lake due to the negligence of the camp faculty. What follows is a massacre with each of the counsellors getting murdered by a masked killer.

Students will learn the importance of safety when camping and why taking responsibility seriously is crucial in life. If the counsellors had taken their duties seriously, Jason would not have drowned and there would be no reason for the murders.

  1. Carrie

This is a horror movie many students will identify with. It tackles the sensitive issue of bullying with Carrie, the socially underdeveloped girl bearing the brunt of hurtful pranks from popular students. Carrie’s poses telekinetic abilities which expand due to anxiety. When a powerful clique at school embarrasses Carrie during prom night, her powers burst and she punishes the entire crowd by burning down the hall.

While school is supposed to be fun for young kids, many go through a traumatic time due to bullying. In Carrie, viewers learn there are consequences for bullying and while the victims might not possess telekinetic powers, there are other consequences to come. The tormentors suffer long after Carrie is no more and this teaches kids to avoid this terrible behaviour.

  1. Jaws

Jaws is a 1975 Thriller by Steven Spielberg that remains one of the most popular horror movies to date. Multiple remakes of the film have made it even more relevant to the modern day viewer. While most viewers remember the film for the scary monster, there is a lot for students to learn from Jaws.  The movie shows the importance of humans respecting natural habitats.

Image 1: Jaws is one of the best movies ever made and has great educational lessons

Many people argue that if tourists had not invaded the shark’s territory, the attacks would not have happened. It also teaches the importance of safety while having fun on the water. Many shark attacks to date occur due to failure to observe warnings. While Police Chief Martin Brody wants to close the beaches, the Mayor sees no problem and this leads to more deaths.

These are only a few of the best horror educational movies. You can find more horror film plots and reviews and sample papers from online sources such as My Dissertations if you want to write a winning paper on this topic.