Top Tips For An Awesome Aussie Horror Holiday

Masters of suspense such as Alfred Hitchcock understood that sometimes our greatest fear is that of the unknown – and that suspense can be built up more effectively through a succession of subtle yet sinister hints than by manifesting the monstrous in all its horrific detail as early as possible. 

And perhaps that’s why Australia has such potential as a liminal landscape which is a brilliant backdrop for horror stories – with an outback that’s a massive 250 million square miles and a range of otherworldly terrains and climates, there are plenty of isolated spots where no one can hear you scream.

So if you’re planning a trip Down Under to meet friends and family, or merely to take in its unique fauna and flora, and want to combine these endeavours with slaking your thirst for the dark underbelly of this legendary land, you might need some advice on researching your options and making plans.

In which case you’re in luck, because there are more Aussie horror holiday tips in the blogs than decomposing bodies in a Bunyip’s lair.

Watch Aussie Horror Movies

To get a sense of what gives Aussies the willies, you should definitely watch as many Aussie horror films as you can get your hands on. 

There are plenty to pick – from the shocking abduction and torture tale Hounds of Love (2017) to iconic serial killer flick Wolf Creek (2005) and supernatural classic Picnic At Hanging Rock (1975) – but has a cracking Aussie Horror list for your perusal. 

Research Aussie True Crime

Unfortunately, there have been plenty of real-life Australian horror stories to inspire novelists, dramatists and film-makers over the years. 

And if you’re fascinated by mass murderers, police shoot outs, kidnappings and mafia-style blood feuds, the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia has an amazing free collection of true life crime tales at – but please don’t read it right before bedtime!

Submit A Movie To Monsterfest

If you’re an amateur horror filmmaker and would like to pit your best 60-120 minute long feature film, 15 minute long short film or multimedia presentation against fierce competitors and showcase it to Aussie judges and audiences, submitting it as an entry to Monstefest is a frightfully fantastic idea.

The best entries are screened at cool cinemas across Australia in October/November each year and has more details about the submission procedure.

Follow these tips and you’ll soon be able to plot your itinerary around some of Australia’s most mind-bendingly scary horror hotspots.

Getting there and getting around

Skyscanner is an excellent site for finding the best deals on international flights to Australia and domestic tickets once you’re Down Under.

Meanwhile, head to to compare car rental prices and packages and remember that has excellent Australian airport parking deals

So ends our list, but please share your own Australian horror holiday advice in the comments section – we can’t wait to hear more spine-tingling tips from you!