Spooky Pups To Celebrate National Dog Photography Day

Did you know that today is National Dog Photography Day 2019? The occasion was the idea of Kerry Jordan, a former wedding photographer who changed her focus to photographing dogs. She founded the event last year, and already the hashtag #NationalDogPhotographyDay is trending this July 26.

Of course, dogs are awesome – and spooky dogs are better. Here’s a selection of gorgeous pups who might also send a chill down your spine!

Count Dogula

Melody Henkel

Spooky pumpkins

Sandiaga Deni

Someone give this graveyard dweller a hug!

Jorge Alejandro Gomez

Tiny minion of evil

Guitar CoCo

Coming for your brains….or your bones

retales botijero

Take me to your breeder!

Erika Farese

No Ghostbusters required, these two can stay

Heidi Dubourgh Pedersen

Back from the dead – for snuggles

retales botijero

Did someone say Howl-O-Ween?


The tiny terrifyer!

Derek Marshall



Just filling in for the Crypt Keeper


Channelling Poe


We came from your nightmares, do you have treats?

Runs with Poodles