24 Hours Until A Deliciously Spooky Valentine’s Massacre

Who said Valentine’s Day had to be soppy? Here on Popcorn Horror, we celebrate the darker aspects of the holiday, twisted tales of love, and the occasional human heart.  And tomorrow, our one-off Valentine themed experience will open to some of the spookiest couples in Glasgow. Valentine’s Massacre is an evening of frights aimed at couples who have had enough of the traditional pink and fluffy motifs that the holiday is known for. Bring your other half, best friend or pet monster along to Blackfriars, 14th Feb – for a date night to die for!

So, what’s happening tomorrow evening? Here is the final running order for the night, so that you can see at a glance what’s on offer at this unique event.

With regard to the romantic-horror film screenings, we have something special in store with our main feature. DOLL SYNDROME is a shocking, brutal and extreme horror film from rising Italian director Domiziano Cristopharo. Cristopharo is the first Italian director in years to try to revive the erotic/horror film genre. Four years ago he obtained enormous audience and critical acclaim with HOUSE OF FLESH MANNEQUINS (starring international horror actor Giovanni Lombardo Radice).

Domiziano Cristopharo has frequently been compared as a perfect mix between Fellini and Dario Argento: Cristopharo’s aesthetic has a vintage quality: he is simultaneously extreme in style, shocking, and yet classic. Fans of films such ‘Irreversible’ and ‘Antichrist’ will be in for a treat. Be warned though – there are some incredibly effective gore effects – that will make even the biggest horror fan squirm.

The film follows a man, who’s is tormented by the trauma he suffered at war due to not only front line violence – but horrific abuse. With a haunting soundtrack, the film asks if  ’empty the man, only a shell of meat and blood, redundant, the spirit no longer present , is his dehumanised shell able to do terrible things?’

In the short films, and exclusive program from the 15 Second Horror Film Challenge is kicking off the program of bite sized scares. Created in partnership with this fantastic film-making project, indie creators from around the world demonstrate telling a horror story in under 15 seconds.

Following the micro-short horror special, there are five short horror film in the main shorts program. They are all very diferent to each other, and tie into the horror-romance theme of the evening. We see a date go disastrously wrong in Date From Hell, and in CRANOS (Skulls) we explore the corruption of a more innocent love; between a child and pet cat. There’s plenty of dark humor in Birthday Party, as love blossoms after the apocalypse, and in Night Tide a seemingly haunted house has secrets to reveal about a marriage. Then in Zombiosis, we see how far love can be tested by a deadly virus.

Outside of the films, guests can expect illusions, mind reading and supernatural scares in a special performance by Ash Pryce – Psychic Conman. The show will be themed around dark romance, and Ash will be demonstrating a variety of horror and supernatural inspired stunts and illusions. Think Derren Brown meets Vincent Price!

The night will also feature other unique attractions and experiences for horror loving couples. A demonic, dark Cupid will be available to steal human hearts, and pose for a Valentine’s selfie with extra bite! The Hidden Hermit is offering tarot readings using horror themed decks. Picasso Painters will be there offering horror themed body painting. If you and your significant other dream of being an iconic horror couple, now is your chance. The monster and his bride, Jack and Sally, and many more spooky duo transformations.

There are also some amazing local creators who will be running stalls offering all kinds of dark gifts and goodies. Head for CaityLou’s stall for alternative jewelry, Inkabella Bows for horror accessories, Hazel Mclean has some amazing folk horror paintings and sculptures, and you’ll also find Ronald who runs an on the spot t-shirt printing service. There’s also the chance to win a horror raffle bundle in the raffle.

Make sure you don’t miss this one of a kind experience for couples who slay together, and stay together! Tickets are available via Eventbrite.

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