21 Gifts To Buy Someone Who Can’t Wait For IT

A new trailer dropped yesterday for the much anticipated remake of Stephen King’s IT, and it’s safe to say Pennywise is back. If you, or someone you love can’t wait for the film to hit theaters, here’s 21 IT inspired gifts to tide you over.

This geometric mug

A creepy but cute figure of the new Pennywise

Or this old school one

A Derry flag

Cotton candy and rain scented Pennywise candles

An embroidered Losers Club badge

Or this colorful enamel pin

Pennywise tote bag

Or this bold, scary art piece

This necklace inspired by the novel

This re-purposed VHS lamp

This slightly eerie greetings card

A Derry circus sign

This subtle cushion 

This clever bookmark

Hand Painted Cleaver

This lunchbox

This familiar face on a shirt

An eye-catching Pennywise clock

This menacing iPhone cover

And this cool piece of 3D art