20+ Horror Themed Valentines To Send To Your Beloved

We’re inching closer to Valentine’s Day, and the shops are filling with assorted plastic roses and pink teddy bears. But if the lady or gentleman you want to impress is less than impressed with cheap, glittery junk – why not give these alternatives a try? From saying ‘I Love You’ like an Elder God, to showing you care with serial killers, we have your deepest and darkest messages of love taken care of.

Cthulhu has this covered (rainbowofcrazy)

Let someone know they’re the light of your life (Ratbeef)

Hugs and kisses from your favourite slasher (YeaOhGreetings)

When it’s more than skin deep (TheDarkOrchid)

Boogeyman does it best! (ColoArtBelfast)

For those in long term relationships (AlleycatGraphics)

Inside, outside…inside-out… (Daemon237)

I could just slice you up (Uncle Frank Productions)

Awwww (


Who says monsters aren’t classy? (Bohemian Weasel)

And nose, and brain… (Jarhumor)

Keeping you close (

I’m not fussy! (PBTS)

For breakfast AND dinner (EmmaPowellDesign)

For those who stalk the night of the 14th (BandOfWeirdos)

Couple Aspirations (LostPlotsShop)

And it wants a hug (ghoulhish)

And they’re always watching (LittleSpookyStudio)

Let me embrace you with my flippers

Let me hug your face (HelenDodsworthDesign)

Every single one (amysnotdeadyet)

Power of Love (finalgirls)

We can talk about horror movies? (GenLeChat)

I give you eleven out of ten (Geekylittlemonkey)

They’ll love you (noncomposcards)

They like to watch you sleep (nicolesloan)

Was alive ten minutes ago (GrizzlyPaperCraft)

Are you done with it yet? (TheNaughtyValentine)

Together we can take over all the holidays (VeraLaLune)

Chop chop (CraftyKByKirsty)


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