20+ Examples of Gorgeous Halloween Photography

Autumn shades, the full moon, glowing Jack O Lanterns create gorgeous Halloween scenes. In this collection of seasonal photography, creators explore spooky imagery, tell Halloween tales and show us different sides of the holiday.

We’ve gathered some of our favourite photographs of October 31st from around the world. The photos uniquely depict pumpkins, witchcraft and Halloween traditions in a range of styles.

Anna Kuncewicz, Poland

Agnieszka Weglarz

Jasmine Ghastin

Alexander Sviridov


Cassandra Casley

Amy Lathrope-Reid

Constantinos Sofikitis

Gango Home Decor

Margareth Perfoncio

Bill Cannon

Jorgo Photography


Kristen Duke

New Nostalgia

Woman’s Day

Rekha Garton

Beautiful Mysterious Secret 

Granny Witch


Fall Autumn Things

Bronte Bride

Some Roots Wander


Tiffany Renfroe

Ashley Dotson

Kimberly Lyman

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