20 Disturbing Products by Obvious Plant Project

Have you ever spotted products on store shelves that seem a little…off? Maybe it’s badly translated text, knockoff characters or just a bizarre product that caught your attention. One of the most likely places to spot these items are the value stores – such as Poundland and Dollar Tree but sometimes they show up in supermarkets and other locations. Obvious Plant is a comedy project that designs deliberately strange products and hides them in real world stores. Many of the items come with dark undertones and disturbing packaging.

The project was created by Jeff Wysaski. Obvious Plant started as a Tumblr blog on January 4, 2015, with a “Wanted” poster for people to watch one “do sick judo moves in the park.” Since then he has designed a range of strange toys, posters and other products and hid them in many locations. Sometimes the designs are a satirical take on media and consumerism, and sometimes they are just plain creepy. Here’s 20 of our favourites.


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