15k Horror Based on Human Trafficking Secures US Distribution


Quickfoot Films’ terrifying debut horror – SEIZURE, about possessed girls being trafficked into England is set for release in the US on April 11th. Shot in just under two weeks for an incredible £15,000, the filmmakers hope to inspire other first time shooters to bite the bullet and make their movie regardless of their budget.

“When we showed the script to a producer friend of ours he thought it was great but we needed more money…a lot more money” says Seizure’s co-director Ryan Simons. “The truth is, you always need more money and we weren’t willing to wait, so we just did it. We filmed in a run down farmhouse, worked 18 hour days with no running water and even got attacked by a guard dog! We finished the movie, took it the Cannes film market and secured distribution. The trick when you’re starting out is to find talented people who are just as hungry as you are, you can’t do it alone”.

Quickfoot Films currently have two horror features slated for 2017. MTI Home Video are handling the North American distribution of Seizure which will be available from April 11th on Family Video and Redbox from April 28th.

Check out the trailer below.