Matt Loftus Is Creating Ultra Short Scares with 15 Second Horror


‘I just don’t have the time’ is no longer an excuse for not checking out independent horror talent. Matt Loftus is a horror obsessed filmmaker, writer and reviewer who has launched a series of ultra short horror films. You might remember him as the winner of our writing competition a few years ago, where he again showed talent for ultra short scares – writing a chilling poem in less than 100 words.

In October, Matt took part in the 15 Second Horror Film Challenge, using the prompt to create a series of 15 second scares for YouTube. The first film he created was ‘RIP, with the help of his sister. The next was ‘Photo’, a ghost story involving a camera. “Personally, there’s nothing better then the whole “camera has seen something we’ve missed” idea, in my opinion”, said Matt, “I love a good ghost picture, don’t you?”

Matt had never made a film less than a minute in length before. Chance‘ was the third film Loftus created for the challenge, which starred his young nephew and ended up winning eleventh place in the filmmaking challenge. Although he didn’t enter it into the competition, Loftus also created a fourth 15 second short – C-L-O-S-E-R. Check out ‘Phone’ below – our personal favourites of the shorts. You can keep up to date with Matt’s films and reviews on YouTube.