These 15 Images of the London Fog Show Why It Inspired So Many Horror Stories

Throughout much of the 20th century, London was covered by a thick, grey fog. The air polluting smog became such a staple of life in the city, that period dramas now have to bring in the smoke machines to capture historical London.

The eerie mist surrounded the capital for much of the Victorian era, and was said to have inspired some of the periods most notable horror and gothic writing, including The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Thankfully, we can enjoy their classic horror feel without inhaling any of the pollutants in these haunting images of the fog.

Lincoln’s Inn Fields, 24 January 1934

1947: The Tower of London

29 January 1959: Liverpool St. Station

St Pancras Railway Station, 1 July 1907

Trafalgar Square, December 1948

Fleet Street, 1952

Tower Bridge, 1952


Embankment at Blackfriars, 1952

Ludgate Circus, 1 November 1922

Regent Street, 1964

Regent’s Park, 25 October 1938

January 1954

October 1919

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