15 Deeply Unsettling Valentine’s Gifts For Scaring Off Potential Mates

Looking to win someone’s heart this Valentine’s Day? You probably want to avoid any of these creepy, bizarre and downright unsettling gifts!

It has a heart, its a stuffed creature…you were on the right track till ‘bleeding couple nailed together

Is it Cupid? Is it a rotting foetus? Who can tell?

Nothing like a vaguely threatening necklace to make someone feel special.

Only you, not the owners of these eyes.

Ok, this one’s pretty cute. Just not if your date is arachnophobic.

Darling, do you know the only thing that loves you as much as I do? This mouse corpse!

Just what we need for the mantle piece, our heads in jars.

Perfect date, grow your own maggots.

You make my heart rotten and diseased.

I extracted them for you

Pus, just for you!

Some activities need to be shared.

Which sexually transmitted disease do you want to catch the most?

I saw it and thought of you.

They’re gourmet chocolate sphincters, only the best.

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