13 Times Things in Nature Looked Like Things in Horror Movies

There’s nothing like a relaxing stroll through nature, right? We all know that nothing good happens in the woods at night, but surely nothing scary ever happened in well-lit forests in the daytime?

Alas, nature has proven us wrong with some truly horrifying sights that occur without help of mask-wearing killers. Here’s 13 times that things in nature looked like things in horror movies.

This root that grew inside a raccoon skull

This tree, which may or may not be the devil watching you

This species of fungus which appears as though it bleeds

The fish that took it one step further than Ash and replaced it’s face with a chainsaw

The lava pit that looks like a portal to hell

The fungus known as ‘dead man’s fingers’

The newest creature in the Alien franchise – nope, it’s a bat embryo

The Antirrhinum – also known as the Dragon’s Skull

When antler shedding looked like Rudolf was on a killing spree

This is what adorable fluffy rabbits look like when they yawn

This eerie skeleton of a puffer fish

Birds using a dead Pike’s mouth to nest

The horrifying Goliath tiger fish

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