13 Things To Help Horror Nerds Get Organised in 2018

The holidays are drawing to a close, and many of us are heading back to work, collage or school this week. If somewhere on your New Year resolution list was ‘get more organised/sort my life out/be better at adult-ing’ then we have the perfect list for you. Thirteen items for helping horror nerds take control of their life and work in 2018 (and if not, they’re still pretty awesome looking household additions!)

Here’s our pick of the best horror themed organisation tools for the New Year.

1. Keep stationary organised and never lose pens again. 

This slightly terrifying severed doll head will take care of them for you.

2. Take note of the important things you need to remember. 

These graveyard themed sticky-notes should help.

3. Stick lists and memos to the fridge and fix up any paper accidents.

But make it more exciting with zombie biohazard tape.

4. Plan ahead and keep note of important dates. 

So much easier with this Masters of Horror journal.

5. Never miss an important meeting or appointment. 

Mark it in this calendar celebrating horror VHS artwork.

6. Keep electronics free from scratches and splashes. 

This awesome tablet cover has a movie poster print of the classic film “The Curse of the Werewolf” and on the other side is “The Valley of the Zombies”

7. Keep important contact details safe. 

Prop them in this jawbone business card holder.

8. Keep change and keys in one place that’s easy to find. 

Entrust them to the cenobites.

9. Always be prepared for meetings. 

Store notes, stationary and other essentials in this Stephen King case.

10. Make note taking more fun. 

Welcome one of these cute slasher pens into your life.

11. A little freebie for Android users. 

Scare yourself out of bed with a horror alarm.

12. Or if you prefer old school. 

Try a zombie alarm clock to get yourself out of bed on winter mornings.

13. Start saving! 

Feed this adorable Jason piggy bank.


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