13 Reasons Why Halloween in Scotland Is The Best

We might not be as extravagant as folks in America, but there’s a few things that make Halloween in Scotland particularly special. Here’s 13 reasons why a Scottish Halloween is the best!

Glasgow Horror Fest is bringing together all the best bits of Halloween in a two day spook-tacular. Find out more here.

1. We have original…and fantastically dark taste in Halloween costumes. 

If a little concerning. 

2. And we see right through the slew of nonsense costumes that hit the shelves every October. 

The correct term for this ‘Sexy poop emoji’ ridiculousness. 

3. Of course, costumes must involve a visit to the iconic Tam Shepard’s. 

The joke shop is over a century old, and has been voted Glasgow’s best shop!

4. The buses run to Hogwarts. 

Yes, really. 

5. We insist that children entertain us when they beg for sweets. 

Those who don’t can expect something like this is their Halloween sack. 

6. We’re making our own terrifying films. 

Sure, Hocus Pocus is a classic. But if you’re looking for something different this Halloween – ‘Matriarch’ is a Scottish indie horror created by ex River City actor Scott Vickers. It’s screening at Glasgow Horror Fest

7. Halloween gives us even more opportunity to insult each other. 

We do love a creative insult. 

8. Because how our favorite bakery copes with the Season is major news. 

Getting a Halloween ring bun as a child was really exciting though. 

9. Speaking of Greggs…

We think it’s supposed to be a worm. 

10. We INVENTED Pumpkin carving. 

Historically we used turnips, but the whole tradition of pumpkin carving can be traced to Scotland and Ireland in the 19th century. 

11. We have the best Scare Actors. 

We take scare acting seriously – and Scare Scotland oversees the performers. This year they have teamed up with Glasgow Horror Fest to launch an 80s horror themed escape room. 

12. Everything literally stops for Halloween. 

It even makes the news

13. We’re not scared of horror villains. 

Whether it’s wise or not…

Everything you love about Halloween can be found at Glasgow Horror Fest, 27 – 28 October in The Classic Grand & Stereo. Find out more about what’s going on here.