13 Absurdly Expensive Horror Products That You’ll Never Be Able To Afford

We’ve all had that moment of parting with far too much cash for a piece of horror memorabilia. Maybe you’ve splurged on an item that you thought was an investment, or because it was nostalgic, or you just HAD to complete the set.

You would have to have very deep pockets to fork out for these products. Here’s 13 absurdly expensive horror products for only the wealthiest of horror fans.

1. For £499, this Foam Xenomorph Egg better impregnate your enemies.

2. There’s no denying it’s a beautiful figure, but $1,249.99!?

3. Wanna spend all your money and constantly bump into a Xenomorph? This £1,600 prop should do the trick!

4. For the low, low price of £1,885.72, share your home with this creepy Annabelle replica

5. Okay, this £757 bronze Cthulhu is pretty awesome.

6. Pop Vinyl figures appear to use similar base moulds. How do some reach $425?

7. Back before Trick R Treat became a cult classic, this doll was sold at a reasonable price. Due to rarity, it now goes for £500 plus.

8. For £314, just pay your own mother to sit still in a chair!

9. “Darling, we’re not eating this month. I hope you like hell horses. Only £560!”

10. This rocking horse was featured in The Ring, and will cost you over $7500.

11. Skulls are cool and all, but will anyone really be able to tell that this one cost £1,382.74?


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