The 100 Frankensteins Project

Bob Canada is an cartoon artist who like many of us has particular fondness for the old school Universal Monsters. His favorite of the creatures is Boris Karloff’s legendary portrayal of the Frankenstein Monster, which he has decided to honor in his latest project ‘The 100 Frankensteins Project’. He’s a B-Movie fanatic and film collector, and is aiming to draw the monster in 100 different styles and situations. Bob explains: “Ever since I was a kid, my all-time favorite monster has been Frankenstein. Why? Who knows? Maybe it’s because deep down he’s not a monster, he’s just misunderstood. Or maybe it’s because he’s got green skin and a flat head and throws little girls into the lake.”

Mr Canada describes himself as ‘always’ drawing, and noticed that he frequently doodled the Frankenstein monster. This prompted him to begin his challenge, which you can view on Flickr. Check out some of his monsters below too.

100 frankensteins