10 Terrifying Krampus Toys and Figures to add to your Christmas Collection

As we head into December, the Popcorn Horror team are preparing for the return of Glasgow Krampus Market for 2019. We’ve gathered a selection of creative folks and a terrifying live Krampus to haunt Blackfriars on the 15th December; and we urge you to come along to this Christmas Market with a horror twist!

The Krampus character has been featured in many books, artworks and films over his long history. Beginning as Alpine folklore from the 16th century, Krampus can now be found in homes across the world during December. Here’s 10 amazing designs for Krampus toys and figurines – each interpreting the stories of the Christmas Devil in unique ways. Links to the figures are included, in case you want to add any to your seasonal wishlists!



Funko Pop



Don’t Cuddle The Krampus

Atlantic Collectibles


Dellamorte & Co

Dolls Kill