10 Spooky DIY Halloween Lighting Ideas

Source: Pinterest

Halloween is a fun holiday that can bring out the artist in you. Do you want a whimsical, scary, or witchy halloween decoration? You can use colorful lights to create any effect you want. Whatever theme you want, LED lights are perfect for illuminating or highlighting various halloween decorations in different colors. They are durable, economical, and easy to use which makes them great choices for DIY decorations. Here are 10 spooky Halloween lighting decorations that you can do on your own:

#1 LED Costumes

Making halloween costumes on your own is more enjoyable compared to buying new ones. You can spend more time with your kids by helping them make their own costumes using custom neon flex LED lights.

The main idea when creating the Halloween costume is to decorate your kid’s pants and hooded sweater with LED neon flex lights. Thus, creating a stick figure. If you want, you can also make the costume more unique by creating a face using LED flex tapes. Creating light up clothes can also keep your kids safe by making them visible while they are trick-or-treating during the night.

#2 Ping Pong Ball Lights

Aside from being a good decoration for your child’s playroom, you can also use ping pong balls to create fun Halloween decorations. You only need LED string lights aside from ping pong balls for this decor idea. Just cut a hole on the ping pong balls and make sure that your LED string lights will fit inside the holes. Use red or orange LED light colors to add a Halloween touch to your decor.

#3 Afterlife Glow

The aim of this LED project is to create an eerie atmosphere using LED lights. You can make a great impression by lining your vehicle, entryways, and porch with glowing red LED tapes.

#4 Outlining Your Home

Add a creepy look to your home by using purple, green, or orange LED spotlights for your lighting designs. LED spotlights can either be battery-operated or solar-powered which saves more energy. Use them to light up your doorstep, outdoor decorations, and trees. You can also use LED strip lights for outlining structures. They are also great to wrap around trees. Since LED lighting options are unbreakable, they will last for a long time.

#5 Spooky Porch

Put waterproof RGB LED strip lights inside plastic or carved pumpkins and then place them around your stairs or porch. They are great for adding a spooky feeling to your home.

#6 Pond Pumpkins

Do you have a water area or pond that you want to decorate for Halloween? You can decorate them with floating plastic pumpkins with tea lights inside. You can also use remote-controlled and color-changing LED strip lights if you want more flexibility. LED lights come in different Ingress Protection (IP) ratings that determine how waterproof they are. Make sure to use lights that you can submerge in waters and not just splash-proof ones.

#7 Creepy Candles

Another fun Halloween decoration idea is to use toilet paper or paper towel cardboard tubes. You can create groups of candles by gluing the cardboard tubes together in any shape you want. Spray them with black paint and put tea lights inside each tube. Another idea is to paint the cardboard tubes white and then insert LED tea lights inside before hanging them on your ceiling.

#8 Red Eyes

Just like the previous LED Halloween project, you are going to use cardboard rolls for this one. You just need to draw eye shapes from the tubes and cut them out. After that, string the tubes and put red LED light bulbs inside each tube. Put them on bushes and they will look like eyes peeking through the bushes at night.

#9 Mummy Luminaries

For this Halloween project, you will need mason jars wrapped in bandage gauze. You can add eyes to the wrapped jars by cutting eye shapes from black construction paper. Put LED tea lights inside the jars and display them along pathways.

#10 Pumpkin Lights

Use plastic pumpkins that are larger than your outdoor lights. Cut holes in the backs of the pumpkins. Make sure that the holes are large enough for the LED light fixture to fit inside. Another option is to just cut off the pumpkins’ back parts before placing the light fixtures inside and then taping the pumpkins back together.


A unique halloween decoration will make the beginning of your holiday season more exciting. There is a wide range of LED lighting options you can choose from to match your requirements. They are flexible, so you can use them in both warm and cold environments, even for outdoor decoration. Moreover, they help you save on your energy expenses. We hope that our DIY lighting ideas were able to help you find your desired Halloween decoration.