Universal Monsters Re-Design: The Finalists

Universal Monsters Re-Design: The Finalists

by Popcorn Horror

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Popcorn Horror asked you to take your favourite Universal Monster and completely redesign them. We had an amazing response, and loved looking at all the great artwork submitted. After a lot of thought, we have selected our final fourteen, and now we need you to vote for the winner.

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  • A) Victorian Bride, Abigail Larson

    Abigail chose the Bride of Frankenstein because she is such iconic image in horror and because someone who can be lovely and terrifying at the same time makes for a fascinating character.
  • B) Universal Pixstars, Chris Raimo

    Chris took two totally diferent concepts - Pixar and Monsters, and combined them. He has covered many of the classic monsters in his piece.
  • C) The Phantom, Mathias Tingström

    Mathias created this 13 cm sculpture with supersculpey. He has re-created the Phantom as a gargoyle-like creature.
  • D) Blood Bank, Richard (rvinco) Redwin

    Richard casts Dracula as a banker with a ghoulish twist, saving and lending blood instead of money. He sees Banker Dracula as equal parts loan shark, ruthless salesman, backalley surgeon, and blackmarket trader in human organs.
  • E) Ninja Mummy, Rommel Pascual

    Rommel's idea came from noting that mummies tend to be depicted as slow and shambling, and he wanted to inject some fear into the legends.
  • F) Baby Bride, Raul Guerra

    Raul's trademark style involves cute girls with amazing hair, so he chose the bride because she fit his style well.
  • G) FRANKENFUGLIE, Joseph Wraith

    Joseph's monster is part of an ambitious project to re-create all of the classic monster in the style of 70s Hot rod monsters .
  • H) Invisible Hipster, Katie Glore

    Katie has always been fascinated by the concept of the invisible man. She also drew him as a tribute to a friend who loves the character.
  • I) Domestic Monsters, Miss Fear

    Miss Fear decided that after years of being chased by villagers and getting set on fire the Frankenstein monster should finally get to enjoy some domestic tranquility.
  • J) Surfing Wolfman, Gene Pabalan

    Gene tackled the Wolfman, because he felt it was the most challenging of the monsters. He also wanted to approach the fur with defuse lighting conditions.
  • K) Swamp Pimp, Owen Gibbons

    Owen has always been a fan of Gil Man. He felt his features and design worked well with his classic horror poster style.
  • L) Drunk Dracula, Deanna Smith

    Deanna re-imagined Dracula as a drunk driving teenage, including little details such as tattoos to bring him up to date.
  • M) Mermaid Bride, Catarina Loja Rodrigues

    Catarina wanted her design to be both dark and beautiful. She chose a mermaid because of her interest in the mythology.
  • N) Roller Bride, Erica Hesse

    Erica depicts The Bride of Frankenstein as a roller skating, cotton candy eating monsta gal, complete with her pink frankenkitty sidekicks!

One thought on “Universal Monsters Re-Design: The Finalists

  1. B- Universal Pixstars is the clear winner for me.. great concept, great selection and details on the characters (plus he’s done more characters than the others)

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