Skinless (A.k.a Skinless Pete)

A brilliant medical researcher in his prime is stricken with cancer. Dr. Pete Peele formulates a potential yet unconventional cure for his illness but the clock is running out. He fears that he’ll die before clinical trials prove the efficacy of the treatment so he decides to make himself a human guinea pig. He feels he has nothing to lose. Unfortunately the cure he hoped for yields unspeakable results. His terrifying transformation drives him to madness and wreaks bloody havoc on those closest to him.


Skinless is fun, gory and has a tad bit of gushy love. The movie definitely reminds me of just how important it is to never use my body as a test subject. Use rats first people! Use rats first!
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Repulsive reviews
Skinless has it all — horror, sci-fi, and even a tragic love story. It is a modern-day ode to great films like The Fly (both original and Cronenberg version), while still remaining highly original and very entertaining. It doesn’t take long for the ‘action’ to begin and you will be immersed in the film for its entire 80 minute runtime.
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