Krueger: A Tale From Elm Street

Set in the 1970’s. After a rash of horrible killings, the alleged Springwood Slasher is finally arrested and brought to justice. But Lieutenant Donald Thompson wants more than evidence and probable cause to put this child murderer away, he wants a written confession. In an effort to prove guilt, Thompson sits down in an interrogation room with the man known as Freddy Krueger. Will Lt. Thompson get Freddy’s confession or more than he bargained for?


Scare Tissue
Krueger (A Tale From Elm Street) does an amazing job of tying itself back to the source material. Not only are we dealing with characters that we know from the original film (Krueger, Nancy and her dad) but Notarile gets the “look” of that original film and uses music and sounds effects from the original to perfection.
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