Cannibal Detour

While returning to Los Angeles in a trailer through the desert, the driver Neil convinces his friends Tara, Harmony, Loopz, Michelle, Lee and Cashie to take a detour to an isolated mine where it could have a plantation of peyote. The owner of a gas station advises the group to not go to the place, but the stubborn Neil does not pay attention to his words. While driving in a secondary road, Neil sees a girl and wrecks the car in a rock. He decides to walk back to the gas station to call a tow truck, while Michelle and Lee climb a hill trying to get signal to their cell phones. Sooner the teenagers find that they are under siege of a group of sadistic deformed cannibals and they have to fight to survive.


Horror Express
Theres some nice moments of macabre humour (often involving heads) and some marvellous shots (especially given its low budget, straight to video origins) of dusty-sheet wearing psychos emerging from the sand, lit only by the headlights from the camper van, and some atmospheric scenes in the cannibals lair as they drag bodies along tunnels.
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