American Mary

The story follows medical student, Mary Mason, as she becomes increasingly broke and disenchanted with the surgical world she once admired. The allure of easy money sends Mary into the world of underground surgeries which ends up leaving more marks on her than her so called ‘freakish’ clientele.


RJ Bayley
Finding a subtle sexuality in the thrill of torture and modification, Isabelle’s performance is both cold and scary but also seductive and sympathetic.
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Char Hardin
American Mary...A modern female Dr. Frankenstein in which Katharine Isabelle is superb
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Horror Honeys
American Mary isn't the perfect movie by any means, but its' imperfections are what make it such an endearing film.
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Scare Tissue
I’ve often heard American Mary was pretty gory as well. It’s not, but it’s a good revenge movie that doesn’t fall into the trappings of showing us gore while forgetting about story.
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Horror on Screen
The actress, Katharine Isabelle (Ginger Snaps, Freddy vs Jason), is what makes this movie unforgettable and recommendable to everyone. With her beautiful voice, she manages to be both sexy and dreadful.
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