Alone With Her

Invasion of privacy and domestic spying take on terrifying meaning in this unsettling tale of voyeurism. A young man has a secret obsession for a beautiful woman. By planting hidden cameras and listening devices in her home, he learns her most intimate secrets in order to manipulate her into a relationship that she innocently permits. Shot entirely through hidden cameras, including a “body cam,” Alone With Her takes the audience to an extreme level of voyeuristic intimacy, exploiting both our fear of being watched and our compulsion to watch.


Horror Critic
I didn’t have high expectations for Alone With Her and, even as I write this review, I have to admit that I’m still surprised at just how effective this film turned out to be. For a film that doesn’t have much gore or any huge “shock” scenes, Alone With Her is an effectively creepy horror film that sticks with you long after the final frame.
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