This Person Unleashed a Lovecraftian Nightmare from an Old ‘Grow in Water’ Toy

by Cara

Do any of you remember that weird toy trend of having things grow or emerge from items? You would place a strange dusty block in water, or chip away at it with plastic tools, or put it: in the fridge, and hours later you’d find a disappointing toy in it’s place.

Have you ever wanted to know what one that’s thirty years out of date looks like?

This Tumblr user discovered one in a second hand shop and decided to document the toy “growing a baby”.

They placed the mysterious egg in water and waited. What began to emerge looks like a Lovecraftian Monster come to life.

We have no way of knowing if the toy looked any less horrific when originally sold – or if it always looked like it was designed to introduce children to the works of Clive Barker.

But the creature inside certainly looked like a body horror scene than a human baby.

What toys do you look back on and think are seriously creepy?

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