Short of the Week: They Live Inside Us

A man spends the night in a notorious haunted house with the hopes of finding inspiration for the scariest screenplay he can possibly write.

The Witching Season is a Halloween horror anthology series composed of short horror films that are presented on YouTube as a free web series. Inspired by classic anthology shows such as “Tales From The Crypt”, “The Twilight Zone”, and “Are You Afraid Of The Dark?”, The Witching Season delivers originally produced tales of terror, all set during the Halloween season. Fueled by nostalgia, the series pays special attention to the spirit of Halloween and reminds us of the magic that exists during that special time of year.

Written and Directed by series creator Michael Ballif, the fourth and largest episode of The Witching Season takes the series down a psychological rabbit hole.

Written/Directed/Cut: Michael Ballif
Story by: Michael Ballif, Caroman Turner, David Harris
Producers: Jake Watters, Allen Bradford, James Morris
Executive Producer: Michael Ballif
Director of Photography: Michael Ballif
Music: Randin Graves and Slasher Dave
Cast: James Morris, Stevie Dutson
Art Director: Sadie Z Ballif
Production Design: Jake Watters, Allen Bradford
Creature Design and FX: Tyler Russell
Makeup and Gore FX: Jordan Swenson
Gaffer: Allen Bradford
Sound Design/Recording: Michael Ballif, Allen Bradford, James Morris
Production Assistants: Samuel Morris, Adam Zeller
Special Thanks: Trevor Allphin, David Harris, Drew Bartholomew, Jaker's Jack-O-Lanterns (Harward Farms, Utah)
Makeup supplied by: Taylor Maid Beauty & Theatrical Supply. (
Very Special Thanks: Jake Watters

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