Short of the Week: Riven

Do you ever get that feeling, that when you stare into a mirror something else stares back?
In ‘Riven’ a young barmaid discovers a peculiar mirror on the attic of a derelict bar. Curious, she wipes off the dirt and slowly realizes this mirror reveals far more than just her reflection…

‘Riven’ is the new short horror film of director Sjoerd de Bont (Disruption), written by Paul de Vrijer (Allison Road) with cinematography by Goof de Koning (The Human Centipede). Their collaboration has created a vicious proof-of-concept short that will crawl under your skin…

Directed by Sjoerd de Bont
Written by Paul de Vrijer
Starring Maike Boerdam, Katarina Justic and Raymond Kurvers

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