Short of the Week: A Luchagore Christmas

Another Christmas Short of the Week for your viewing pleasure this December! We’re spotlighting the fantastic short A Luchagore Christmas by Luchagore Productions.

‘Twas just weeks before Christmas, and for the fans who like fright,
Luchagore Productions has created something for your delight.

Most know Saint Nick as a jolly old man,
But we tell a tale of his sadistic master plan.

So gather ‘round boys and girls, and watch if you dare,
‘Cause Santa’s intentions are sure to be a scare!’


Producer: Raynor Shima
Production Coordinator/BTS: Gordon Cheng
Director: Gigi Saul Guerrero
Writer: Shane McKenzie
Cinematography: Luke Bramley
SANTA CLAUS: Dale Gillespie
MakeUP/FX: Carolyn William & Andrea Dulmage
Costumes: Jessie Churchill

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