Short of the Week: The Haunt of the Damned

Independent short horror/thriller film produced by Black Horse Filmes.
Written, produced and directed by João Vitor Ferian.

A homeless is looking for a safe place to spend the night and take refuge in a seemingly abandoned house…

Actors: Rodrigo Alves, Carol Marconi e Taís Bueno Vidotto
Cinematography: João Vitor Ferian
Director assistent: Rafhael Rossi
Production assistent: Taís Bueno Vidotto
Direct sound: Jose Janio
Art director: João Vitor Ferian
Makeup: Rafhael Rossi e João Vitor Ferian
Argument: Guilherme Conradi, Taís Bueno Vidotto e José Jânio
Editor, motion designer e sound designer: João Vitor Ferian

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