Mausoleum of the Macabre, Episode 7

Mausoleum of the Macabre, epi 7 from Needles The Gravedigger on Vimeo.

Needles the Gravedigger digs up some pure horror fun in this episode! Although, this episode happens to land on the NIGHT of the COMET. The comet hasn’t returned to earth in over 100 years but it is back! As Needles awaits the comet’s arrival, he presents the trailer for Pool Party Massacre and the horror short short, Scared to Death both directed by Drew Marvick and both a devilishly good time! But will Needles the Gravedigger survive the NIGHT of the COMET?

Special thanks to Drew Marvick!
Check out Pool Party Massacre here:
Find more Needles the Gravedigger here -

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