FRIDAY 13TH FILM: MOTM Epi 13 – These Woods are Cursed!

MOTM, Epi 13 - these Woods are Cursed! from Needles The Gravedigger on Vimeo.

Join Needles as he leaves the confines of the Mausoleum for a breath of fresh air in the great outdoors of Camp Forest Green! What is that noise? Ki, Ki, Ki, Ma, Ma, Ma? Is someone out there, waiting and watching his every move?

On this episode, Needles presents the music video- Nothing by the talented Kendra Morris and the short horror film- Behind the Door directed by Baylea Hart, which will be sure to leave you creeped out!

Find out more about Kendra Morris here

Find out more about Baylea Hart here

Will Needles make it out of the woods?

Needles, The Gravedigger of Unholy Hills Cemetery
Music by Kendra Morris
Behind the Door directed by Baylea Hart
Watch more episodes on Needle's Vimeo -

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