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The Lavin Production Company is excited to announce that DEATH CHOICE: MOTEL MAYHEM, the second film from writer-director-editor Kate Lavin (TRAIL OF BLOOD ON THE TRAIL) will premier at Motor City Nightmares Film Festival April 23 at 11:30AM. Jeremy Friedrich, the co-writer and producer, plans to attend the screening and host a short Q&A afterwards.

Here’s the film synopsis: ‘After a long day on the job, 3 construction workers, a hitchhiking hippie, and a psycho killer all meet up in a roadside motel. Once the welder-helmet wearing psycho shows up, all hell breaks loose and the blood doesn’t stop flowing. This video series is full of crazy violence, blood, wrenches, hammers, weed-wackers, laughs and lots of bad choices.’

DEATH CHOICE:MOTEL MAYHEM is also available online right now as a free choose your own adventure style slasher video series.  Watch the free interactive version now, where you can choose to run away, grab a wrench, or fight to see what happens as a result. The 4 unique versions will shock you with dramatically different situations, kills, and endings. The festival version is one complete version of the story.


Kate was inspired to create a choose your own adventure style horror movie to deliver something unique for the internet with the goal to push the medium’s interactivity and showcase a variety of wild kills with a small cast of actors.

DEATH CHOICE: MOTEL MAYHEM stars Jeff Bailey, Drift Roberts, Steve Katz, Mike Schoepke, and David Stein. Jeff and Drift were memorable as the hilarious stoners in the zombie film TRAIL OF BLOOD ON THE TRAIL.

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